Ashtang Ayurveda

Ayurveda is a vast medical science . It is divided into basically 8 parts .These 8parts of ayurveda deal with different subjects commononly KNOWN as ashtang ayurveda .
कायबालग्रहोर्ध्वाङ्ग शल्यदंष्ट्रा जरावृषान् || अष्टावङ्गानि तस्याहु: चिकित्सा येषु संश्रिता |
kāyabālagrahordhvāṅga śalyadaṃṣṭrā jarāvṛṣān || aṣṭāvaṅgāni tasyāhu: cikitsā yeṣu saṃśritā
These are
1.kayachikitsa (general medicine): "cure of diseases affecting the body".
2.Kaumāra-bhṛtya and Bala Roga: (Paediatrics)
deals with the treatment of children.
3.Graha deals with the causes, which are not directly visible and not directly explained by tridosha,
pertaining to micro-organisms or spirits.
4. Shalakya – Science of diseases specific to supra- clavicle region, eye , ear nose, mouth, throat etc
5. Shalya tantra deals with surgical techniques
6. Visha, Gara Chikitsa – Toxicology
7. Rasayana – Science of rejuvenation, anti aging treatment
8. Vajikarana – Science of aphrodisiacs(deals with reproductive problems, for desired and healthy progeny etc )
Brief description about all these
Kaya chikitsa : Kaya means body and chikitsa is treatment . so branch which deals with any sort of bodily disorders . it covers entire medicine .
BAL ROGA : it deals with all problems related to child since it is born . from dentition to feeding , or any health issues related to children and also covers in vast about care of neonates , infants and children .
Graha or bhut vidya : deals with psychological problems and treatment in this involve MANTRA therapy . stones , gems , Yantras (some sacred symbols)etc
Shalakya mainly deals with all organs above clavicular region i.e neck, throat , eyes ears , head etc
Shalya tantra deals with surgical issues . Sushruta is known as father of surgery .It gives entire description about surgical instruments various operations esp treating bone fractures , internal obstructions etc and also detailed knowledge of cauterization etc
Agadtantra or Toxicology : it is vast description for an antidote to poisons whether they are herbal , animal or of any origin
Rasayana tantra : It is actually science of rejuvenatives which if used promote longevity and maintain health . It tells us about various methods to remain young healthy and vibrant for lifetime
Vajikaran : deals with vast science of Aphrodisiacs .These APHRODIsiacs strengthen entire bodily tissues (7 dhatus )