Lots of thanks Dear Dr Sahiba, I m 84 nw and met Dr Aarti in 2007, at that time every month or in a 2mon time, i use to get hospitalized and my health was worsest. I met Dr Aarti and doubted how such a young aged girl can cure me? In my whole life, nobody cud ever said like this but with confidence in her voice she asked me kindly let me knw wats ur problem. so i gave my medical history that from last 10 yrs i hve high BP , since 15yrs i m diabetic from 45 years having piles and on and off bleeding i have to get admitted to hospital even . She just listened all very patiently and said kindly don’t doubt ayurveda is big healing science u will get cured . She started medicines and said u will nevr have bleeding agn its 9yrs i really never had bleeding never had a piles , in 2010 left my BP Medicines . today my BP , sugar levels are normal and m living very active healthy life . Indebted to her, is my wife too who had joint pains from last 10yrs she treated her in 18 mon . today its 6 yr my wife has never taken any painkiller .She also walks and live a gud healthy life .I hve recommened lot of patients to her nd not only me all of them they are thankful to Dr Aarti and also to me for making them meet such brilliant dr . I m live example before everyone and feel proud in recommending suffering ppl to Dr Aarti .Loads of blessings for her level of devotion, care, sincerity and honesty she has for ayurveda makes me speechless. always greatful to u dear Dr Sharma.
by Sukhdev Singh, Ludhiana (Punjab).

Thanks a ton. Respected Dr Aarti may LORD bless u. I was suffering from trigeminal neuralgia and had peptic ulcers from last 18yrs of my life. I met Dr i may say her a wonder girl. She treated me for 2 years with medications, panchkarma and i m glad to say i never had any attack its 1year now. I m living healthy life. gud luck.
by Asha Sharma UK

Thankyou very much Dr for your kind help. I must say you are very efficient doctor and nice human being. My husband had liver cirrhosis, I myself had fibroids in uterus and one of my son had psoriasis. I m always indebted to you for curing us all. May Lord bless u.
by Jasmeet, Ontario (Canada)

Thankyou for your brilliant service to humanity. My wife had ulcerative colitis from 16years, i myself had severe asthma and gouty arthritis. From last 3years my wife is taking normal diet and i also got totally relieved. I think you are bright young girl with honest approach for ayurveda. keep it up. I m sure you are going to rock in ayurveda.
by Ravi Tiwari, Delhi

Dear Dr, i wud like to thankyou for your kind help. My father had very high BP , diabetes and severe osteoarthritis. with medicines u prescribed along with diet and yoga he is able to move nw nd his BP and sugar level also remain normal. Really greatful.
by Jyoti, Maharashtra

Dr. Aarti Sharma is extremely knowledgeable and dedicated to her profession. I was impressed with her diagnosis and she is sympathetic to patients and understands their pain. She is the first Doctor who made me understand on wellness of the mind, body, and soul. Seriously, she is the first doctor that ever made me consider to go out of my regular Allopathic treatment and consider her philosophy of medicine – Ayurveda. I also ordered medicines through her online and I was completely blown away by how helpful and kind she was and how fast she was at getting back to me. I would highly recommend Dr. Aarti Sharma for any issues related with health. And I wish her all the best in her profession!!
by Abinav (UP)

Best wishes and thanks a lot dr if i wud nt hve met u my son wud hve been operated for no reason . he was having nasal polyps ur kind guidance has saved his life.
by Priya (Haryana)

Dear Dr Aarti you came as blessing in my life. i lost my dad at age of 14. My mom was in serious depression and had heart blockage. my brother an epilepsy patient. With ur kind support, medications, yoga and motivation at every step, i can c my mom laughing nw. i m happy to say u r bestest human being, dr i met my mom is nw a yoga teacher herself and both my mom nd brother r cured. Keep going in life. stay blessed forever. by Shivani (Australia)

Thanks Dr for bringing me back to life. i had 3attacks of ptosis. your continuous efforts, motivation, medicines, acupuncture have made my eyelids normal now and my eye sight tears ptosis all been cured hve got married nw . so greatful for ur sisterly concern.
by Divya (Punjab)

Thanx Dr Aarti, i love how simple u hve made life for me. i still remember a day when i was pining in pain due to sciatica and lumbar spondylosis. u really have so much of patience and understand everyone’s pain and just smiling face and simple reply ho jayega. really greatful i can walk, run all coz of ur medicines, acupuncture. GoD Bless u.
by Major Ghai (Punjab)

I would like to thankyou for helping me in asthma. today i m 36 yrs old since childhood has been taking inhalers and steroids. its 1yr nw i never had asthma attack. I hve tried lot of drs in INDIA and abroad too but no one cud ever cure me. nw not even season change effects me. I neither sneeze wheeze not any cold cough ,i do pranayama and take classes nw. thanks lot for all medicines, panchkarma and healthy motivation. Er. Tej (Bangalore)

I Really salute u dear Dr Aarti. I m myself MBBS graduate but cudnt cure my own rheumatoid arthritis, joint pain stiffness all i knw was allopathic medicines but your way of treatment has made me speechless nd today i read ur website and c really u r so dedicated devoted to ayurveda gud work . i hve no pain nw and able to do all daily chores following ur advices .
by Rajwinder (Amritsar)

Thanx doc for taking me out of depression with ur mind healing lectures, medications, i m back to life. U never let me loose and always helped me to fight back in life. wish u shud live long and keep serving suffering.
by Aruna (Ambala)

Thanku so much Dear Dr Sahiba, with ur medicines dietary and lifestyle advices i m feeling life, even having worsest disease Scleroderma. Confidence, faith in your voice when u talk is a big healer u hear everyone so patiently and just make things so easy and with smile say fikr na karo. really aj mujhe fikr nhi hai coz u r there. its best even to talk with u. u really keep on pushing nd person feels on top of world even in worsest condition. greatful for all ur support and hve improved lot. u r bestest dr and human i met.
by Harpreet USA

Dear Dr Aarti, wholeheartedly me and my husband thank you for bringing happiness in our life. i still remember the day when i first met u i was depressed had 5 habitual abortions and i had lost faith in medicine and life, started believing nothing is going to happen. Your medicines, panchkarma and all dietary lifestyle advices u suggested today m vry happy to be mother of 2 kids who r physically mentally normal. i m happy when i c them playing around me. i m great fan of yours and ayurveda. big thanks. GOD bless u.
Anonymous (U.P)