Giloy- A Wonder Herb

Synonyms of Giloy: Guduchi, Guruch, Javarnashi, Vyastha, Rasayana, Amrita.
LATIN NAME: Tinospora cordifolia
About Giloy: It is one of the most versatile herb. It works on all of tissue elements in body . The Sanskrit name Guduchi means one which protects body, also called as amrita or nectar as it is extremely useful in strengthening immune system of body and keeping functions of various bodily systems in harmony.
Description: Giloya is deciduous twiner with succulent stem and papery bark. It is said to climb over highest trees and to throw out aerial roots which can reach length of about 30 to 40 feet.
Whole plant is used in medicine but its stem is main part to be used. Stem is considered most prized when it is found climbing neem which is considered to have almost magical properties in traditional Ayurveda. Fresh plant is more efficacious than dried plants.
Properties of Giloya: It is bitter, pungent and astringent in taste, sweet in post digestive effects and hot in potency. It alleviates all doshas. It has special potency as antitoxin.
Maharishi Charaka has categorized it as under tripatighana{means herb which quenches thirst}, medhya rasayana {nervine tonic} According to Bhavprakash Nighantu, it is bitter tonic, diuretic, potent aphrodisiac and very efficiently work on skin ,jaundice ,chronic diarrhoea and dysentery. Sushruta Samhita claims it to be very useful in treating kushtha{leprosy} maha jvara {high fever] shvasa {asthma}and aruchi {anorexia}.
How to be used: It can be used in various forms. These include swaras {juice from fresh stem 10 to 20 ml per day}, churna { powdered dry stem 3-6gm per day } kalka {paste of fresh stem 10gm / day }, kwatha{hot water extract from ground dried stems } i.e 30-60ml twice or thrice a day,satva[sedimented starchy extract of stem 1gm -2gm per day}
Ayurvedic literature quotes Guduchi as constituent of several compound preparations. It has multiple actions in body.
It is one of the most effective rasayana(rejuvenative). Guduchi as rasayana accords longevity, enhances memory, improves health and bestows youth, better complexion, voice energy and lustre of skin.
⇒For fevers : it is one of best bitter tonics useful in all sort of fevers whether it is malaria viral, typhoid, dengue or due to any other reason.
⇒Digestive disorders: It is very helpful in digestive ailments like hyperacidity, colitis, worm infestation , loss of appetite , excessive thirst , vomiting etc
⇒It alleviates body heat, thirst, burning sensation to skin and vomiting if any due to excessive heat in body.
⇒Debility: It is very helpful in general weakness of body as its juice and decoction helps patients undergoing recovery from diseases like T.B, malignancy, cardiac debility.
⇒Liver disorders: It is very effective in all sort of liver disorders either its liver enlargement, hepatitis, cirrhosis , anaemia, jaundice etc
⇒Anti-inflammatory action: Giloya is very potent anti-inflammatory herb. It is immensely helpful in arthritis in reducing joint pain and swelling.
⇒Gout: It is herb of choice among all remedies in treating gout. It is highly effective in bringing uric acid to normal limits.
⇒Diabetes: Regular use of Giloy juice or its decoction brings sugar level to normal. Recent researches on Giloy have proved it to be highly effective herb for maintaining normal glucose level.
⇒Skin diseases: As it is bitter tonic, so recommended in skin diseases. Its decoction with other herbs like nimb and vasa effectively relieves body of skin ailments.
⇒Syphilis and gonorrhoea: It works very well in curing of both.
⇒Urinary Disorders :It is frequently used in Ayurveda for urinary disorders like painful urination(micturition) , as diuretic , burning sensation during urination
⇒Nervine tonic: Giloy soothes and calms nervous system . It reduces stress act as memory booster, develops intelligence, promotes mental clarity, it improves I.Q level.
⇒Strengthen immune system: It is one of best antioxidant known to boost immune system. It helps to boost our natural immunity to avert numerous infections and disorders.
⇒Anti cancerous: It is health promoting herb. Its regular use prevents cancer and other tumor growths in body. Even if cancerous patients are consuming it, it prevents complications and adverse effects of patients undergoing radiotherapy and chemotherapy.
⇒Respiratory disorders: Its consumption has very positive effect on allergic rhinitis and dry cough.
⇒Eye disorders: Giloy is used as very potent herbal eye tonic since centuries. Giloya along with triphala if consumed on daily basis helps in maintaining normal eye sight.
In nutshell, it is antioxidant, anti diabetic, anti-inflammatory, anti stress, antipyretic, anti allergic, anti cancerous, excellent rejuvenative, anti aging, cardio protective, aphrodisiac etc. It can be used alone or in combination with herbs to attain best results. For above mentioned uses its fresh stem can be used in form of giloya juice or as decoction {giloya kwatha}
How to prepare Giloya decoction:
Take about 1feet of fresh Giloya stem and cut into small pieces then add about 4 glass of water and heat it till reduces to 1 glass.
So far no side effect has been documented . Although it is very easy and safe to use but still must be used under medical supervision . It can be consumed in any season, by person of any age group. So far lot of research is going on this for its potential uses for curing and preventing diseases and also for promoting normal health.